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What inspited me to collect historic firearms

In the beginning if September 1944, the German retreat from Greece was on a full speed. In the same time, the Bulgarian occupation troops in former Yugoslavia, Greece and Albania, were ordered immediately  to prepare for withdrawal back towards the old borders of Bulgaria.  
    On 8 September,  Bulgaria changed sides.  The new communist government, joined the Soviet Union. This event, put the Bulgarian 5th army stationed in Macedonia, in a difficult situation, surrounded by German divisions, it had to find the way back to the motherland
At that time, my Grand father, was an officer in the Bulgarian military contingent, stationed in Skopje. The retreat of the Bulgarian Monarchy forces was complicated as a result of the new Bulgarian pro-Soviet government, together with the Red Army re-entering Yugoslavia (pushing the Germans),  from the East. Buy Mid November the retreating German formations, "cornered" somewhere near River Vardar(Vardar Macedonia), my Grand fathers Unit

"They pulled two tanks, on each side of the road, with a machine gun on the hill. We had to through all our guns on the one side, and the ammunition , into the fire on the other side of the road. They, (the Germans), were leaving us, one rifle per 100 people, with only one clip of 5 rounds"

That's where, my grand father has "lost" his Parabell  (Luger). I remember very clear, the old man described it as "Bulgarian Army Luger" I am still hoping to find it one day.
My grand father was brave enough to hide the bayonet of his rifle. They stayed week or two, with the Jugoslav partisans, and finally made it home by the end of 1944.
I still remember how he was describing the sound of the ammunition, once thrown into the fire "garrgrrrgrrrr   garrgrrrgrrr"

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